Tamanu is native tree in Vietnam and seen everywhere, especially in the Mekong Delta area. Tamanu trees grow wild in gardens, marshes, river banks, quarries along the river.

The Tamanu tree has been familiar to Vietnamese people for thousands of years. Tamanu becomes a symbol of the beauty of a girl, a symbol of love, fidelity and inspiration of poetry and folk songs.

In the realm of golden hues, yellow butterflies dance,
Perched upon Tamanu branches, a fleeting chance.
As fallen leaves adorn the river, gently flowing,
Do you hear the melancholy in songbirds’ melodic sowing?


Amidst the Tamanu flower’s tender bloom,
A shared sadness lingers, casting its gloom.
In the tapestry of memories, a river etched deep,
My village on the right, yours on the left doth keep.


Each day, a voyage to knowledge I embark,
By boat, I traverse the currents, oh, the spark!
Seeking the Tamanu’s shade on wooden vessel adrift,
Yearning for a glimpse of your presence, my spirits lift.


A yellow butterfly flutters, dancing with grace,
Around Tamanu’s allure, a timeless embrace.
How many afternoons, longing to bridge the divide,
To witness the reflection of love in your eyes wide?


In the tapestry of our hearts, this river shall flow,
Unlikely shores, yet a connection we’ll always know.
With Tamanu’s grace and yellow butterflies as guide,
Our story intertwined, forever side by side.

Our Tamanu Oil project to support farmers, creating jobs and income for poor farmers, contributing to the

protection and development of Tamanu trees in Mekong Delta of Vietnam

Due to the excellent skin and hair care benefits of Tamanu oil and the increasing demand for high-quality cosmetic products made with 100% pure and natural ingredients from countries such as the US, Canada, France, England, Germany, China, and India, the growth rate has been very high. Since 2011, we have established the “Producing Tamanu Oil for Export” project. The primary objective of this project is to preserve and develop the Tamanu tree area while creating job opportunities and generating income for local farmers. Initially launched in Tra Vinh province, the project has now expanded to encompass all 13 provinces in the Mekong Delta region. Currently, approximately 300 households are participating in the project, and our annual Tamanu oil export output reaches nearly 100 tons.

Vietnam Essential Oil JSC is proud to be the world leading Tamanu oil producer. Our Tamanu Oi is 100% pure & natural, organic certificate. Our Tamanu oil has been exported to all over the world such as the USA, UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Turkey, China, India, Japan, Korea, Australia…