Or tory

Our story – a family company with a tradition of producing Tamanu Oil

Our beginnings were as a small production facility following a family tradition hundreds of years ago. We produce tamanu oil as a medicinal herb to treat various skin conditions such as skin fungus, burns, psoriasis, dry skin, and as a sunscreen to protect against UV rays. We also provide tamanu oil to local women as a hair conditioner for shiny, strong, and healthy hair. Additionally, tamanu oil is used as lighting oil for families in our villages that do not have access to electricity.



Over time, we have not only maintained our traditional profession but also developed and introduced our Tamanu Oil to partners around the world.

And more proud, our journey is now not only limited to our family, but we have been a bridge to bring Tamanu Oil from farmer households to the world. Over the past 15 years, our success has been collaborating with farmers to grown Tamanu tree to sustainably harvest Tamanu seeds to press oil. Those relationships are key to our success, and they’re part of what makes our process unique.



Tamanu is native tree in Vietnam and seen everywhere, especially in the Mekong Delta area. Tamanu trees grow wild in gardens, marshes, river banks, quarries along the river.
The Tamanu tree has been familiar to Vietnamese people for thousands of years. Tamanu becomes a symbol of the beauty of a girl, a symbol of love, fidelity and inspiration of poetry and folk songs.
In the realm of golden hues, yellow butterflies dance,
Perched upon Tamanu branches, a fleeting chance.
As fallen leaves adorn the river, gently flowing,
Do you hear the melancholy in songbirds’ melodic sowing?


Amidst the Tamanu flower’s tender bloom,
A shared sadness lingers, casting its gloom.
In the tapestry of memories, a river etched deep,
My village on the right, yours on the left doth keep.


Each day, a voyage to knowledge I embark,
By boat, I traverse the currents, oh, the spark!
Seeking the Tamanu’s shade on wooden vessel adrift,
Yearning for a glimpse of your presence, my spirits lift.


A yellow butterfly flutters, dancing with grace,
Around Tamanu’s allure, a timeless embrace.
How many afternoons, longing to bridge the divide,
To witness the reflection of love in your eyes wide?


In the tapestry of our hearts, this river shall flow,
Unlikely shores, yet a connection we’ll always know.
With Tamanu’s grace and yellow butterflies as guide,
Our story intertwined, forever side by side.


Our brand is built on the strategic and long-term partnerships that we’ve built over the 15 years that we’ve been in business. During that time, we have invested heavily in our farmers and their wellbeing. We helped them plant new Tamanu trees, providing seeds, technical guidance on planting & care, and installing fences and security to help them protect their livelihoods.

Their success and wellbeing, as well as that of the land which produces our crops, is important to us. We provide advice on what they should grow and help them sell their products to businesses that support what they do.



Growing a product and bringing it to market is no easy task. Here’s how we works in Vietnam:

  1. Minority farmers cooperate with us to grow and harvest Tamanu seeds for press oil.
  2. Our team works together with farmers during key strategic stages to guide and supervise farmers on techniques for planting, caring and harvesting Tamanu seeds.
  3. We purchase Tamanu seeds from farmers, then ship them to our factory, where Tamanu seeds is through a unique process and packed for shipping to businesses around the world for use in their own products and services.

When you work with us, you can expect an outstanding experience because you’re helping every part of our organization, from our farmers to our company, continue to thrive and flourish.